N54 Update_2046_02_03

Good Evening Night City

This is Allison Canary with a N54 update.

The Haitian Community is in morning today. One of their leaders Jean-Michel Basquiat was killed due to Gang Violence today.





The attack happened at noon today in the Pacifica Playground.  NCPD say Jean-Michel was on his lunch break from his construction job

working on the new World Mall when the attack happened. Three others were killed during the attack, members of Jean-Michel’s construction team.

The Haitian Community and its leaders have been clashing with Night City’s newest major Gang, the VooDoo Boys. Jean-Michel’s mainline Marie-Jeanne Lamartiniére had this to say about the VooDoo Boys last month.

<Vid cuts to a pre-recorded interview>


“These… VooDoo Boys do not represent the proud culture of the Haitian people. Dey are butchers and thieves, spreading their violence and beliefs among the most desperate of us.”



<Vid cuts back to Allison>

This stance and speech is assumed to the catalyst to the newest wave of attacks.

NCPD is expected to increase their presence in the Pacifica Playground due to this most recent outbreak of violence.

The Haps – 1/28/2046

Loud Rock Blood Splash.

Twip from Xibadobbler


Oh man, wat can I say? I went for a small show at a small venue and got a big show at a cramped hole!

The Velvet Laser Friday night show at the Hole bar but don’t recommend the grill, was pure Night City. They started with their gig with the thumpin’ Cut and Dry and soon they had the crowd in the palms of their sweaty hands.  Velvet put on a good front show, though Lucid’s back game is on point.  The small stint with the Titay Brothers has followed her a bit, but that’s not a bad thing, the girl knows how to handle a stick or two.  And X, the towering bass player gave all in attendance a chance to be part of the show, struttin his stuuf.

But that was not the MAIN ATTRACTION.  In the middle of the show Maelstrom, the metal head gangers themselves, showed up and tried to break up the party.  In true Rocker style, the Lasers whipped up the crowd and next thing you knew there was blood on the holy dance floor. I have never seen a crowd jump to and take care of business like this, reminds me of the old stories about Silverhand and his riots against Arasaka. HOT>

Now the blood wasn’t just shed from the metalheads, and one of Velvet’s mainline fans took a big hit. So what did they do, they cashed in on some Trauma Team Exec and had him airlifted to the hospital. Now that’s style chooms. After it was all said an done, the band took a bow and left as if it was normal Friday!

Talk about an act I will be keeping my eyes on!

Xibba, out.

N54 News Update 2046_01_27

Good Evening Night City

This is Allison Canary with a N54 update.

Tonight, officials are warning Night City Citizens about a new black market Amplified Hearing implant has hit the streets causing at least three people trauma to their central nervous systems.]

This new implant appears to be related to the break in at Rocklin Augments Satellite Office two weeks ago.

Experts there have warned consumers that the new technology was not complete and was still under development.

Rocklin Augments is offering a 10,000 EB reward for anyone who can give information on the source of these implants that leads the recovery of their intellectual property.

Datafeed 1-16-2046

Metal in the desert? More like rage  on the stage!

Sure all the bands were pretty good you know, but when our Velvet Laser took the stage, this show turned up the GLAM. They rocked all our favorite tracks, and their showmanship was top notch. OMG, did anyone else see Lucid toss and catch a Little Donnie mid drum solo? EPIC.

I heard they rocked so hard they got a contract to keep playing at the Ass End Cafe! Our team is only there to win.



Todays top story is an explosion at a Biotechnica lab. Many workers were hurt, and a few were deaths reported. This was no accident and authorities in the company say that three separate charges were detonated to cause the major damage to their bioorganic research wing. This is a developing story.



N54 News Update 2046_01_08

Good Evening Night City

This is Allison Canary with a N54 update.

New in Pacifica clashes with the VooDoo Boys and NCPD have escalated over the last week.

A new version of Black Lace has flooded the city and caused spikes in overdoses and drug related fatalities. The NCPD has traced the source back to Pacifica and it is assumed the VooDoo Boys are the manufacturers.

Police believe the VooDoo Boys recently procured a controlled chemical from an unknown source and has allowed them to create this new Blacklace in large quantities. N54 has been working to uncover this source.

The NCPD encourages citizens of Night City to seek out medical assistance for any friends and family who are struggling with drug addiction.

< Ad for Trauma Team plays immediately after the story >

Today in the News 12-26-2045

Hello all you Chooms and Booms, Xyla here with the deets of the city streets.

First up, we got Militech, the big gun. They have bought up more property in Night City.  Looks like the soldiers are moving in. What this will bring, anyone knows, but all I know is that they better not be brining in any of that patriotic bullshit from the East Coast.

Next up was a show down in the low down part of the isle, where a local building, inconspicuously named “Biolab”, was busted up and filled with holes. The Blue Squad reports that the perps stole some valuable equipment, and may be responsible for various other science related heists in the city. They said surveillance got some good mug shots, though the computer systems were fried and lost most of the footage. Remember folks, if you wanna stay anon when running, mask up or get locked up!

And finally, there was a sighting of Santa on this dark and cold winter night, as Santa Claws and his gang attacked the low rent apartments next to Tokyo Town’s hottest new club, the High Court. From the body bags leaving the scene, it looks like we may not be getting any more presents this year!

Thanks all and keep it frosty until I see you in the new year!

Xyla- out!



Haitian refugees have flocked to Night City and with them The Voodoo Boys.


Stay tuned as PopMedia’s Wire has more….

Good Evening Night City!

The Pacifica Playground has the stirrings of a cultural war this evening. Many of the refugees have taken work in the Pacifica Playground. Taking on much of the manual labor or low-level positions with even lower pay. These refugees proud of their heritage have started to come in to conflict more and more with the Voodoo Boys, taking heavy casualties in the process. Machete hacked bodies have begun to left in the open in the playground, drawing attention of the Corporate investors.


I recently spoke with the Haitian Community Leader – Marie-Jeanne Lamartiniére and she spoke very passionately about the recent outbreak of violence.

 *Feed cuts to a holo of Marie-Jeanne*

“These… Voodoo Boys do not represent the proud culture of the Haitian people. Dey are butchers and thieves, spreading their violence and beliefs among the most desperate of us.”



While speaking with local residents the Voodoo Boys were described as terrorist gang of drug dealers. They engage in weird magic rituals, and deal non-synthetic drugs to tourists near the theme park.

While no visitor deaths have been reported, NCPD is asking for those in the area ensure they take precaution during the evening hours.

Also if you have any information on the suspected leaders of the Voodoo Boys please notify NCPD for a substantial reward…


Voodoo Boys Leader
Mambo Fatiman



Second in Command
Houngan Boukman