Scenario – The Balanced Cavern

This 13×19 map can be printed out at home.

In the outer plains of the North, a cavern was carved out by magic and and artifacts placed. No one knows what purpose this was meant to play, but now the relic hunters of Atheles have heard of this place and seek its hidden treasures.

This first scenario is balanced from either starting point so figures can be deployed before initiative. Deployment starts at the red indicated hex. Units may be placed down in any order, but they must be placed as closely adjacent to the red hex as possible.

The Dungeon

Objective: Wipe out the opposing team and claim the relics.

Red Hexes = Starting Points
Yellow Hexes = Relic placement
Numbers in corners = Height value

This cavern was discovered on the border between the North and Uthgard. Some creature long ago stashed away stolen artifacts throughout.