Scenario – Basic Scenario

How to set up your table for a basic Battles encounter.

After each of the players has chosen their 400 point squad, you can set up a battlefield anywhere. This can be 3d printer terrain, a grid or hex map, or even just your bare table.

We suggest a playfield of around 24×24 inches.

Setup of the battlefield is as follows:

  • Each player chooses an opposing side. The “side” can be a starting space which all units must be adjacent to, or a long flat edge of the battlefield in which the units much be in the first one or two inches of the edge (depending on the size of the map and the agreed terms between players). Units are placed on their side of the battlefield.
  • Relics are placed on the map. An average map should have 3 Relics, though it is up to the players. The Relics should be a minimum of 4 spaces away from any player’s side and each other. An easy set up is having one Relic in the center of the map, and the other two along the edges towards the center. You can use anything to symbolize a Relic – a penny, a 3d treasure chest, a game token. Try to make the relics as evenly spaced between players as possible.

This is the most basic of battlefield scenarios. You can also add some terrain and obstacles. The best way to do this is to have them all available on the table, roll for first initiative, and then take turns placing these on the field.

You can use cut Masonite or cardboard as hills, cliffs, and other elevation changes. Mark sections of water with tokens or markers. Add RPG terrain like ruined walls or buildings. As long as both players agree, anything can be added.