SagaBorn Battles

SagaBorn Battles is a card based miniature game of player vs player skirmishing.

Join in a skirmish game that explores the world of the Dark Return as you compete to find ancient artifacts. Battles can use any 28-32mm miniatures you already own, so all you need is the cards and some d8’s to begin!

The lands of Atheles have long been in a dark age, though now magic has begun to return. Adventurers, tomb raiders, and grave robbers search the lands for ancient relics of magic.

SagaBorn Battles uses miniatures you already own, or you can browse the list of our recommended minis. Terrain can be 2d or 3d printed and is based on 1 inch.

SagaBorn Battles Slingers

Example of a SagaBorn Battles Unit Card.


Why play SagaBorn Battles?

  • Its fast. Set up and play takes around 30-45 minutes.
  • Its easy. You can learn the basics of the rules in 10 minutes.
  • A simple and fun dice system. One die to rule them all, combat outcome is determined in quick opposing rolls.
  • The lands of the Dark Return are full of peril and life, a world ready for adventure.
  • You can help build the game!



Build an adventuring group, delve into the dungeon or ruins, and battle over the lost relics of the past.


House Ka’Dal is led by the Orovari, or dark elves, of the North. They are gathering relics and magic items to outfit their army as they invade the southern kingdoms. Their goal is to resurrect their sacred god Kaldrath and force the lands of Atheles into order.




From the outside, the Wanderers is just a guild of adventurers. But their true goal is to bring power to the peoples of Atheles and free them of the shackles of the past. They hope the artifacts their teams collect allow for a brighter future of Atheles.


Game Types

Skirmish– At release

Objective Based – Coming Soon

Co-op – Coming soon.


Battle Scenes

Maps can be any size, and fit on any table. Our demo map is only 13″x 19″. You can use grids, hexes, or even a ruler!